The first edition of Post-truth fiction took place in 2017 and is an on-going investigative programme. From June 21- 24 2017 the live-event took place. During our first pilot we welcomed people for all over the world – England, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Bolivia, US, Columbia, Mexico, China, Pakistan and the Netherlands – with various backgrounds: science, literature and writing, journalism, information design and radio producing. We gathered at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem to discuss and investigate the role of fiction in the post truth era, the future of authorship and the possibility of the publishing collective, instead of the concept of individual writer/genius (during the workshops we named this: post ego writing).

Above you can view lectures from the workshop and conference, and answers from participants of Post-truth fiction #1 to the question: What is the future of authorship?


Post-truth fiction #2 will take place in 2018. In the first edition of Post-truth fiction we explored the writing & publishing collective. In the second edition our main focus will be on transmedia, interdependent publishing and creating human – Artificial Intelligence narrative interfaces. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for all the latest developments, updates on the program, and on how to get involved/sign up. Or send an e-mail to, cc

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